Thursday, June 28, 2007

Making fun of others is fun!

Remember how I said that if you tuned in to this blog because you wanted to learn more about Snoop Dogg or the Care Bears, and so on, that you would ultimately be disappointed. Well, actually, that was the truth. What I forgot to add, really, was that I am almost guaranteed to disappoint no matter what. So, might as well talk about the Care Bears, right?. Indirectly, at least.

Searching for words and phrases contained in my blog, like "Care Bear," using Google's blog search, I found (gasp) a blog even sadder than mine. At the time I was searching for blogs similar to mine--and though I found this huge douche rather than my identical twin, it still made my day. Hmm, now that I consider it, maybe, in a cosmic flash of irony, I DID find my twin and I'm really a huge douche, like this man. All this introspection has really made me want to rethink my life. Borat: Pause NOT!

Here's some excerpts from this man's blog, mind you, a self-proclaimed "writer"--my parenthetical remarks follow...

"The saddening part about all this is the fact that the Care Bear’s message about friendship and caring is something rarely heard of today." (Truly very sad. You idiot.)

"The animation for Care Bears is pretty good considering that it is only a tv series intended for kids." (And apparently retards.)

"I will never outgrow my love for 'care bears'. They will always be close to my heart." (If the Care Bears were alive today, they would have a restraining order against you.)

That's all for now. Stay tuned for my next column of "Making fun of others" when I go after the old and mentally handicapped.

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